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periodically we collaborate with other societies on our events, and would like to share your data with them if you are registered to that event; please note they in turn will send you opt-in preferences once your data has been transferred so you will NOT receive any marketing comms from them unless you opt in with them

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we would like to send you BSGCT 'Save the date' and other information on our events (frequency: 5-10 times per year)

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periodically we would like to send you meeting info on other meetings in our field we feel you would like to know about (frequency: 2-5 times per year)

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we publish the BSGCT event delegate lists (usually first name, last name, institution, country, email) in MY CONGRESS MATERIALS for the duration of the event. This is accessible to all delegates of the event

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we are managed by WATS.ON Association Management, who would periodically like to send you meeting announcements of other meetings they are organising (frequency: 4-6 times per year)


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