The IOVC was informally founded in 1997 by a group of scientists with the aim of establishing the premier science-based oncolytic immunotherapy conference bringing each of the clinical, academic and commercial communities together for a common purpose: to share insight and expertise for translational development of improved oncolytic viruses by

  • disseminating the latest developments in the OV space
  • providing opportunities for trainees to present their work on the international stage and receive constructive criticism
  • providing opportunities for networking and establishing new international collaborations
  • providing pharma with an opportunity to see what is happening in small biotech and academic laboratories
  • creating an environment of free flow of scientific information where participation and discussion remains unbiased and academic

Our 2019 Conference is taking place 9-12 October 2019 in Rochester (MN), keep checking the conference pages for updates. 

For past event information, see here.